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Defending Your Rights in Minnesota


Criminal Defense

Minnesota Legal Defense is a law firm that specializes in defending your rights. With experience in the most serious and complex criminal cases and Minnesota Legal Defense is here to help you through the toughest legal fights. Whether your case is in state or federal court Minnesota Legal Defense has the knowledge and expertise to represent you in court.


Parental Rights

At Minnesota Legal Defense, the importance of family is paramount. Whether you're dealing with a false accusation of abuse, a custody challenge, or the government's involvement in your parental rights, Minnesota Legal Defense offers aggressive representation to ensure you  have a true ally in the legal process.


Civil Rights

One of the most challenging legal situations is when a person finds that the government has violated their rights. Minnesota Legal Defense has fought for constitutional rights on behalf of clients all over Minnesota in state and federal court.

Results-Oriented Representation

Minnesota Legal Defense takes each client's goals seriously and works tirelessly to achieve successful outcomes in every case. This proven record of success and accomplishments is what separates Minnesota Legal Defense from the rest.

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