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Third Degree Assault

If you or a family member have been accused of, or charged with, Third Degree Assault, it means the State of Minnesota believes an assault was committed whereby substantial bodily harm occurred. The penalty for this type of charge can be FIVE YEARS in prison plus a fine of $10,000.

If you or a loved one has been charged with 3rd Degree Assault, it is imperative that you call Minnesota Legal Defense as soon as possible.

Even if you have not been charged yet, it is important to have an attorney from the moment you believe you may be a suspect. 

With your case in the hands of one of the most experienced criminal trial lawyers in Minnesota, Paul D. Sellers, you will immediately gain the protection and piece of mind that comes from having all of your rights completely protected. 


Third Degree Assault


Not Guilty


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Client was charged with 3rd Degree Assault after leaving a night club in downtown Minneapolis. Attorney Paul D. Sellers was able to show that the alleged victim was actually an aggressor and that there was another person at the scene who likely committed the assault. After a four day trial, the jury found Client NOT GUILTY of 3rd Degree Assault. 

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