Aggressive Criminal Defense

Attorney Paul D. Sellers is one of the most experienced criminal trial lawyers in Minnesota. He has obtained Not Guilty verdicts for his clients on allegations of drunk driving, drug possession, homicide, criminal sexual conduct, domestic assault and other felony charges. His proven record of success and accomplishments in trial is what separates Minnesota Legal Defense from other defense firms.

Powerful Legal Representation For Clients Across The State Of Minnesota

Why Minnesota Legal Defense?

Attorney Paul D. Sellers provides aggressive advocacy to defend your rights and challenge the status quo in Minnesota. Protecting your rights doesn’t begin and end with criminal charges. At Minnesota Legal Defense, Paul takes a wholistic approach to client representation, which means defending your rights in civil or family court as well.

Oftentimes, the same allegations that the state of Minnesota uses to create criminal charges can become the basis for a civil lawsuit. There are times when the allegations will affect your family law case, like custody or parenting time. Other times, the allegations themselves are pure harassment and the accuser needs to be restraint under a harassment order.

Do not wait for the filing of charges against you. If you believe you are subject to accusations of something or believe that you may be a suspect in a case, you need legal representation.

attorney Paul D. Sellers outside on the steps of a Minnesota courtroom

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Criminal Defense For Complex Charges And Violent Crimes

Assault charges, weapons offenses, arson, domestic felonies, drunk driving, drug violations, homicide, manslaughter, criminal sexual conduct, robbery, child abuse and other complex charges

White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement, money laundering, cryptocurrency fraud, racketeering, securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, internal corporate theft, bribery

A Defense Attorney Experienced With Every Type Of Criminal Case

There are over 100 courthouses in Minnesota. Prosecutors bring charges in all of them. Minnesota Legal Defense defends clients in every part of the state and has experience handling allegations of every type of criminal offense. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or a felony, attorney Paul D. Sellers will vigorously protect your legal options no matter where you are in Minnesota.

The need for immediate and powerful legal representation is not just on weekdays and normal business hours. When you need the type of legal defense that only Minnesota Legal Defense can provide, you can rest assured that Paul is available whenever you need help.

Paul Is Not Afraid To Fight

When the pandemic hit and the Chief Justice tried to unilaterally seize power and infringe on the rights of Minnesotans, it was attorney Paul D. Sellers of Minnesota Legal Defense who stood up to the Chief Justice and fought for the underdog.

Facing the potential of criminal charges can be intimidating and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to retain an attorney with proven experience and a history of accomplishments. The sooner you retain an attorney and Minnesota Legal Defense is on your case, the better chance of getting a positive outcome.

Call Minnesota Legal Defense in Minneapolis at 612-568-1667 any time, night or day, when you are facing allegations of a criminal offense. If you prefer, send an email to request a free consultation. Even if you are not yet facing charges, it is important to have an attorney in your corner from the moment you are a suspect.

When Results Matter

Court order for a not guilty verdict of third-degree assault

Client was charged with 3rd Degree Assault after leaving a night club in downtown Minneapolis… After a four-day trial, the jury found Client NOT GUILTY of 3rd Degree Assault. 

Court order for a not guilty verdict for the charge of Malicious Punishment of a Child

Client was charged with Malicious Punishment of a child for allegedly harming his child in a pharmacy store… The jury was horrified that he had falsely accused a wonderful dad. It was a very quick Not Guilty verdict.

Court order for a not guilty verdict for the charge of Aid and Abet Simple Robbery

Client was charged with Aid and Abet Robbery because he supposedly matched the description of a group of malcontents loitering by the light rail station… The judge announced her verdict the moment the State’s attorney finished their closing argument. NOT GUILTY.

Not guilty court order for Terroristic Threats

Client was charged with Terroristic Threats because a nosy neighbor overheard an argument between Client and his stepfather and called the police… The judge decided the 911 callers were not credible and found Client NOT GUILTY of Terroristic Threats.

Defense attorney Paul D. Sellers takes each client’s goals seriously and works tirelessly to achieve successful outcomes. He has earned accolades from local and national media for his aggressive defense of his client’s rights.