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Aggressive Advocacy

Protecting your rights doesn't begin and end with criminal charges. Minnesota Legal Defense takes a wholistic approach to client representation, which means defending your rights in civil or family court as well. Oftentimes, the same allegations that the State of Minnesota uses to create criminal charges can be used as the basis for a civil lawsuit. There are times the allegations are made to affect a family law case, like custody or parenting time. Other times, the allegations themselves are pure harassment and the accuser needs to be restrained by a harassment order. Don't wait for charges to be filed against you. If you believe you're being accused of something or believe that you may be a suspect in a case, you need legal representation.

Areas of Advocacy

Pre-Charging Representation

A proactive and assertive defense is critical if you face serious charges. Strong legal representation before you're even charged can lead to charges never being filed or reduced charges. The sooner the police and the prosecutors know you're represented by Minnesota Legal Defense, the better the outcome for you.

Protective Orders

Whether you need to get a restraining order to stop someone from harassing you or whether you've been served with an Order for Protection and you need to to show the judge the allegations are false, Minnesota Legal Defense can help. Attorney Paul D. Sellers knows the law and knows the procedure. With his aggressive advocacy you can be assured that you aren't alone in this process.    

Civil Defense

When an accuser makes an allegation against someone, there is often a motive for making the accusation. Many times, that motive is financial. Minnesota Legal Defense protects clients in criminal court and also against lawsuits based on the same claims. Attorney Paul D. Sellers works with each client to ensure their rights are enforced, no matter which forum the plaintiff chooses.  

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24 Hour Availability

The need for immediate and powerful legal representation is not limited to weekdays and normal business hours. When you need the type of experienced legal representation that only Minnesota Legal Defense can provide, you can rest assured that we are available whenever you need help.

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