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Acclaimed Service From One Of Minnesota’s Most Experienced Attorneys

It takes a strong attorney with a reputation for success to defend you from serious criminal charges. With high fines, prison time and even your freedom on the line, the stakes are too high to leave in the hands of fate. When you need an attorney in whom you can place your trust, you can turn to Paul D. Sellers.

Paul is the founding attorney of Minnesota Legal Defense. As one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota, he has achieved successful outcomes in cases ranging from DUI to homicide. Local and national media outlets alike have praised his dedication to fighting for his clients’ rights.

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He is licensed to represent clients in all 100 courthouses in the state, including the Minnesota Supreme Court. Whether you face charges of wire fraud or violent assault, he is prepared to defend you. If you feel as if you are David standing up to the Goliath of the criminal justice system, Paul is ready to load his sling to defend you.

A Record That Speaks For Itself

If you want an indication of what to expect from your criminal defense lawyer, look at their past case outcomes. Paul has shown in case after case that he is the lawyer to hire if you want to get your charges dismissed, win an acquittal or reduce your sentence. There is simply no substitute for a proven track record of positive results.

When Results Matter, Contact A Reputable Lawyer

Your future is hanging in the balance. The results of your case will determine the rest of your life. Paul D. Sellers is available 24 hours a day to assertively protect your rights. To request an initial consultation with him, please call his Minneapolis office at 612-568-1667, call his cellphone at Call or use his online contact form.